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The following information describes the beaches and bays of Fethiye.

Kaputaş Beach:

Kaputaş beach is a beach between Kalkan and Kaş, 7 km away from Kalkana, quite below the road distance, and it is a beach that offers you all the colors of the Mediterranean with a sand and pebble beach. Of course, it is very difficult to climb the same stairs again when you get tired on the beach, which you can reach by descending the stairs because it is below the road level. But it will really be worth the trouble. It will offer you a perfect pleasure with its turquoise blue sea and foam-like waves.

Patara Beach:

Prof. The ancient city of Patara, which has been excavated by Fahri Işık and his team since 1988, has a distinct natural significance with its archaeological and historical values, as well as being one of the rare beaches where the Mediterranean turtles Caretta-Carettas lay their eggs and breed for millions of years.

Çalış Beach:

I think it would be wrong to say about 4 km from the center of Fethiye, because the area between Calis beach and Fethiye has become a whole due to the rapidly increasing construction. Calis Beach, which attracts the most attention of locals and tourists, has a long sandy beach as well as accommodation and nightlife. In fact, it would be more logical to consider Calis Beach as 2 separate beaches. The first sandy beach starts from Calis center and continues for about 3 km.

Gemile Beach:

When you reach Kayaköy from Fethiye, you will head south and enter the Gemiler road at full speed. You slowly glide through the pine trees to Gemiler Bay. Before descending to the bay, a road deviates westward through the pines on the plain, this road leads to the Afkula monastery. After driving approximately 1 km with your vehicle, you will leave your vehicle and reach the rocks after approximately 20 minutes. Here you will encounter a sea that is as open as you can. Here is the Afkula Monastery right in front of you. The Afkula monastery is a monastery that consists of water cisterns and chambers, completely carved out of rock. Christian clergy probably chose such a deserted area to beg Allah. After leaving Afkula monastery, we will go down to Gemiler bay, do not rush to get down here, the road will not allow you anyway, if you have a camera, take plenty of scenery. After landing in the bay, visit both Gemiler island and small bays with a ship. Your trip will be very good and will be in your lifetime unforgettable ones. Pull him to one of the quiet corners he knows and wait. You will probably be able to see Caretta Carettas. Are you craving caviar? You have come to the right place. The name Dalyan means fish farm. You will see the caviar centers on the right and left in the river. It is very cheap and fresh compared to big cities.

Katrancı Beach:

Katrancı Bay is 16 km from Fethiye. The camping area is within one km of the Fethiye highway. Highways have arranged this area and turned it into a viewing terrace so that the users of the highway can easily see the view that dominates the camping area. The vehicles leave the road and rest in this pocket section and watch the insatiable view of the bay. There is a shuttle service to Fethiye from inside the campsite every half an hour during the summer season. (2 million TL per person in 2003) The last service is done at 20.20 from Katrancı and 24.00 from Fethiye.

Daily Beach:

Gunluklu is a cute bay located 7 km away from our business. It is 1 km inland towards the sea on the Fethiye Dalaman road. Journaled takes its name from log trees. These trees are used in medicine and perfume production and are very rare trees. Although I'm not sure, I think that the only one in the world is grown in Canada, California and Fethiye. There is a camping area in the vast forest of sweetgum trees. Basic needs such as shower, wc and electricity are provided. It is possible to stay in tents as well as with a caravan. The clean air of the forest, the wonderful smell of daily trees, and that magnificent sea view make them live that is hard to forget.



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